About Bill Hazelton

Bill Hazelton has been a surveyor, farmer, teacher, university professor, glaciologist, consultant, writer and publisher. He helps students who need coaching and instruction in mathematics.

With a long background as a surveyor, and teaching surveying, Bill’s working life has been centered on math, and math has been simply part of what he does for decades. With a surveying textbook and numerous other publications in his resume, as well as providing coaching in math at a wide range of levels, Bill has been able to cover a wide range of skill and ability levels. This experience allows him to assess where gaps exist in students’ understanding of math and to move to cover those areas.

While a great deal of math teaching covers the ‘how’ of math, Bill believes that understanding ‘why’ is of equal or greater importance, especially in an effort to make math relevant to everyday life. His own experience in applying math to real-world situations on four continents helps with this.



Doctor of Philosophy (4-D GIS), Dept. of Surveying and Land Information, The University of Melbourne, Australia, 1992.
Bachelor of Surveying, The University of Melbourne, Australia, 1979.
Registered and Licensed Surveyor, Victoria, Australia, 1985. (ret.)